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Byron Bay Discovery Tours


Project description:

Website, flyers, business cards, logo, full vehicle  wrapping, booklet created for

Byron Bay Discovery Tours,

a guided tour company.

The website itself features many graphic designs, online booking with payment, professional email address, contact form, photos and videos.

It is a vibrant, creative, easy to navigate website which captures many aspects of Byron Hinterland and local Indigenous culture.

The logo is about people gathering from different places. It includes the rainbow colours to signify those different origins as well as the rainbow region.

Flyers and business cards have been created using symbols and landscapes which are key features of the tours.

Graphic design on the bus wrapping incorporates many Indigenous symbols and an artwork from a local Indigenous artist/activist. The bus was designed to be used as an educational material. 

The design of the courtesy booklet recalls the business visual presence. It includes photos and illustrations on many important topics covered during the tours.

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