FAQs about building a website because you may wonder...

1- Does my business really need a website?

Nowadays, everyone is connected to Internet and it is the first way people search for anything they need. If you are not to be found on the web, it is likely that you miss a lot of potential customers. Having a presence on the web through your FB account is a cheap solution but it doesn't make you any unique. What people see is another Facebook page with basic information and more or less relevant pictures and comments. It is also kind of accepted that businesses with a website are more successful, professional, trustworthy and have more customers, which is why they can afford having a website! Of course, this image is supported only if you have a good looking and functional website, otherwise, it is better having none. A website is an investment that can be very profitable for your business and even vital in some extreme cases like Covid Lockdowns.

2- Can I make my own website?

Yes, you absolutely can. It might take you some time, depending how literate you are with new technologies and how much time you can allocate to the creation process. Very often, small businesses are busy enough running their business and look for a hassle free way to showcase their activity. It's also important to know that technologies change fast and to keep good looking, Web designs should be updated every 5 years. Your website reflects your business. If it doesn't look right, it may discredit your activity and may not attract potential customers. We aim to take the hassle out of website design and development and allow your business to stand out from the rest strategically.

3- What are the ongoing maintenance costs to run my website?

There are two main ongoing costs to keep your website live on the Internet: Hosting: Every website on the Internet needs to be ‘hosted’ on a server somewhere. It’s like paying a monthly "rent” for your website to “live” on the Internet. Without it, your website would not exist. Domain Name Renewal: Each year, your domain name will require renewal. If we purchased this on your behalf, we will simply renew it for you at cost each year as part of our ongoing website development service.

4- I already have a domain name, can I use it for my website?

​Yes, this is no problem at all. We will assist you in ensuring your domain settings point to your new website as part of our web design service.

5- What is better? .com.au or .com domain?

Google geo-targets its results to rank Australian extensions (.com.au) higher for Australian searches because they are more relevant. If your audience is international, .com domain can still be relevant for wider reach.

6- What picture can I use for my website?

​You can use any images you own or have permission to use, we'll ask you to send these to us during the process. If you do not have any photos, we'll source relevant and high quality stock images to bring your website to life. Alternatively, we can organize for a photoshoot or a video footage and editing, depending on your needs.

7- What is Search Engine Optimization?

​Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of ranking your website to show up on Google results for various keyword searches related to your business. Read more about SEO.

8- Do you provide SEO on my website?

We are not SEO consultants and do not guarantee first page Google results with our web design service, however we do provide all of the on-page SEO which includes optimising the meta data and content, based on a comprehensive keyword analysis of your business and region.
We believe in educating you about how SEO works so that you can be informed if you decide to engage a separate SEO consultant for your website. We also provide comprehensive guidance to help you do your own SEO with our friendly SEO guide and tips to improve your SEO.

9- I want to change my current website, add more pages and change the look. Can you help me?

​Yes we can, and although different in need from our standard web design service, we offer a great website re-design service that provides website development with results! Keep your domain name and associated codes and when your new website is up and running with us, you simply cancel your old hosting. Contact us today so we can help you re-launch your website.

10- What is Google My Business or Google places?

Google My Business is a Google service which allows you to have a Google Places listing (a "pin" on the Google map) to give your business name and map a prominent display on Page 1 of Google when users search your business name. This is complemented with a Google + page that is connected to the listing. If you would like us to create this for you, you will need a registered address that we can submit for your business (PO Boxes are not accepted by Google).

11- How long does it takes to get leads for my business?

Very often, work is the key to success. Having a strategically built website is very important but is the first step only. Once we created it for you, your mission starts! Put your energy into offline SEO (refer to Q8), marketing & Social Media. It will pay off and you will turn your website into a cost-effective investment for your business. Indeed, by implementing an active campaign around their website, some of our clients had a positive return on investissement within only a month, while others found it was a vital tool to keep their business going during Covid lockdowns. Of course, if you are a new business, it will take more time as you will have to create a large and faithful clientele.Be patient and keep going.

You have another question? We are listening to you!