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Let's create your website smoothly!

Follow the step-by-step guide

1-First STEPS

You tell us what you want by filling in our online form, chatting or meeting with us for a free quote. You may have questions and we are here to answer them.

If you decide to go ahead, you pay the non-refundable 50 % deposit and we send you a confirmation email.

2-Domain Name & Web Hosting

Once you’ve paid the deposit and received our confirmation email, you will need to do 2 things before we can start designing your website:

1) Choose and buy web hosting service on Wix (from 10.4 AUD/month to 31 AUD/month depending on your business needs and options). Some web hostings allow a free domain name, so it is worth considering to reduce your monthly cost.


2) Register/Buy a domain name. This will be your online address so make sure it’s relevant, short and easy to remember for your target audience. Check the domain name availability and then, don't wait too long to purchase it.

Where to check availability or buy a domain name?

Crazy Domains

Only Domains

Net registery...

Once done, forward the details to us, as we will need these for your site to go live... Thank you!

We can also purchase it on your behalf once you've prepaid us for this.

3-What matters to you

Now we need your content.

Images (logos, photos...), text*, advertising, copy, ads, special offers, sign up/contact/enquiry forms (yes any form you like), other social media account details, opening hours, links to other sites, gmail address (for professional email), residential address (for Google My Business)... the list is endless!

Basically we need everything that you want to include on your website and the more we have early, the faster you'll get your website working!

* To enhance your SEO ranking, read our SEO advice, so that you write your text knowledgeably.


Now our fun design part begins, you just sit back and relax while we work away!

5-Preview & REVIEW

Usually we are able to have a first version of your new website available within 2-3 weeks of receiving ALL content (depending on complexity). Once we feel we created something that fits what you want, we send it to you for feedback and adjustment. Didn’t like that stock photo we used? No problem, we’ll change it to something you do.

Want to make changes to your 'About page' ? We’ll make it happen.

As a time saving tip, just make the list of what you think needs to be modified.

In the end, it's your website and you need to be happy with it! But we’re also honest and if you request any changes that we think will have a detrimental effect on the overall look of the website, we'll give our professional opinion about why not to go ahead.


After the last review of your website, we will send you the final invoice.
Once payment has been cleared, we send you our hand over email with your new website log in details (kind of like the keys to your house).


If you wish to self-maintain your website, we want you to feel confident doing so. That's why we work on Wix, which is the most intuitive website builder.

Together, we'll find a time for you to learn how to truly operate your new website without spending too much time on it. This is part of our Training and Support service ($70 per hour).


If you don't feel like self-maintaining your website at all, we can do it for you as part of our Training and Support service for less than $50/month with our $500 annual editing package.

If you are self-maintaining your website but would like some help to add/change any content, add another page/feature or even revamp your site, we are here to help at our $55 hourly Support rate.

Sounds great! I'm ready for a quote!

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